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Stewart produces "The Moors Murderers" at Pathway Studios
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Date: 1978-02-12
Location: London, England, UK - Pathway Studios
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, Sting, "The Moors Murderers", Pete Fox

Stewart Copeland produces two songs of "The Moors Murderers" at Pathway Studios: Free Hindley and The Ten Commandments.

Stewart drives to Andy Summers to collect his drums. He drives to Pathway Studios via Sting's place.

"The Moors Murderers" recordings begin at 12:00pm, but there's no guitarist or bassist there. Guitarist Pete arrives 1 1/2 hours late - high on LSD. Singer Steve Strange leaves and returns with a bassist, but without a bass. Stewart drives to St. John's Wood to bring his own bass guitar. Stewart and engineer Pete Fox manage to record two songs with "The Moors Murderers" until 10:00pm. Stewart then returns his drums to Andy Summers' place.

Stewart thinks he wouldn't have dragged his own drums across town just for another drummer to play them, so it's likely that he himself played drums on these two Moors Murderers songs.

According to a Moors Murders chronology (see External links) the band's line-up seems to have changed a lot between their few gigs and this recording. According to John Harlow today's recordings were done by these musicians:

  • Steve Strange - vocals
  • Peter Taylor - guitar
  • John Harlow - bass
  • Egan OR the Eater roadie Nick Holmes - drums (or maybe even Stewart after all ?)
  • Mary - screaming

There was no "normal" 7" release - an UK magazine ad offered 7" acetates and cassettes - which were also distributed to UK magazines. There might only have been 2-3 acetates and 6 cassette copies...

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, Stewart Copeland

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