The Ten Commandments

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"The Ten Commandments"
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Recorded by Roger Daltrey
Released: no official release
Recorded: 1978-02-12
Length: x:xx
Writer(s): probably Steve Strange
Producer(s): Stewart Copeland
Studio(s): Pathway Studios
Released as single: promotional acetates and cassettes only

"The Ten Commandments" is a song (probably) written by Steve Strange and recorded by The Moors Murderers on 1978-02-12.

About the song

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Release History

There was no official single release. There might have been a handful of acetates and some promotional cassettes.


7" Singles

Cover art Catalog no. A-side song/B-side song Release date Release country
Stub.gif Catalog no. "Free Hindley"/"The Ten Commandments" 1978-MM-DD England, UK


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source: Stewart Copeland 's diary, Stewart Copeland, UK magazines, internet