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1976 12 04 leicesterad.jpg
a small ad for this concert from NME - December 4, 1976
Performance summary
Artist performing: Curved Air
Tour: 1975-1976 Curved Air performances
Venue: Leicester University
Location: Leicester, England, UK
Support acts: Flying Aces
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1976-12-04, Curved Air performed at Leicester University in Leicester, England, UK.


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Stewart Copeland 's diary mentions the Leicester concert AND a party at his Mayfair apartment for today: "AL STEWART PARTY MAYFAIR".

In L'Historia Bandido Ian Copeland remembers that Al Stewart was present at the same party the Sex Pistols and some other punks attended (The Boys say they were there, too). The book also mentions that this very party took place before Curved Air played their final concert and the Roxy opened (unofficially) in December 1976. Ian remembers that Richard Hell's "Blank Generation" was played at this party and the next day when Stewart and Ian cleaned the house.

In Wild Thing Ian describes that the party was in the autumn of 1976 and took place on more than one floor. Al Stewart was there as well as well as Malcolm McLaren and some Sex Pistols (but not Johnny Rotten). Ian again describes finding the "Blank Generation" 7" single on the turntable the next morning...

There are three major Mayfair parties mentioned in Stewart Copeland's diaries:

Stewart Copeland had occupied the second floor of the Mayfair apartment on 1976-11-28. So the earlier party can be ruled out - it would have been on one floor only. The New Year's Eve party can be ruled out as the (unofficial) Roxy opening and Curved Air's final concert were before that date... All these facts lead to the only conclusion that the party with Al Stewart and Sex Pistols took place today after Curved Air had returned from their concert at Leicester.

Internet sources mention that the 7" "Blank Generation" was released in 1977. IF that's true then people from the music business like Miles Copeland or Malcolm McLaren might have had an advance copy of the single.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary; L'Historia Bandido p.37; Wild Thing pp.203ff; small tour schedules in Sounds - November 13, 1976 and Record Mirror - November 20, 1976; NME - December 4, 1976

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