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Performance summary
Artist performing: Curved Air
Tour: 1975-1976 Curved Air performances
Venue: Palace Lido
Location: Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1975-08-31, Curved Air performed at the Palace Lido in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK.


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John McCoy played bass for Curved Air today. He was a former member of Cat Iron (where Mick Jacques played guitar and Stewart Copeland was "artistic director").

Mick Jaques called John and asked him to join or at least play with Curved Air. John then met the band while they recorded Midnight Wire for the second time at Ramport Studios this August. He might have been their next bass player had he not insisted to replace some of the bass parts on Midnight Wire. The band refused as they had enough trouble with the album as it was.

In an online interview John remembered "a couple of shows which I loved, notably a festival on the Isle of Man for the T.T. Races week. I can clearly remember getting more than “ready” for the show in the hotel bar with Darryl Way and comedian Frank Carson. It was hysterical.and the excitement was only heightened as we hit the stage."

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sources: Rockin' Balls - January 10, 1977; John McCoy interview

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