Twin Spirits

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This Twin Spirits performance was filmed at London's Royal Opera House on 2007-12-20.

"Twin Spirits"
cover of the Bluray - provided by Opus Arte
cover of the DVD - provided by Opus Arte
cover of the 2DVD set - provided by Luigi
Artist: Sting
Directed by: Peter Mumford, John Caird
Produced by: PRODUCER
Edited by: EDITOR
Filming location(s): Royal Opera House - London, England, UK
Initial release date: 2009-MM-DD
Running time: 00:00
Label: Opus Arte

Video summary

The DVD / Bluray shows the Twin Spirits performance(s) at the Royal Opera House in London, England, UK on 2007-12-20. Rehearsals took place on the previous day.


Twin Spirits has been performed by Sting and Trudie Styler a few times before - 2006-2007 Twin Spirits performances.

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Twin Spirits bluray.jpg 2009-10-01 various DVD / Bluray English photo gallery, interviews, documentary...

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