Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music

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Stewart Copeland visits various countries to interview musicians and scientists to find out what exactly "music" is.

"Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music"
Artist: Stewart Copeland, Sting, Trevor Horn, Yoon Kwon, Steve Reich, ...
Directed by: Nico Wasserman
Produced by: Nico Wasserman
Edited by: Angus Sutherland
Filming location(s): various
Initial release date: 2020-01-17 (episode 1)

2020-01-24 (episode 2)

2020-01-31 (episode 3)

Running time: 3 x 60 minutes
IMDB link: Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music on

Video summary

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Filming might have started around the end of March / early April (Stewart posted photos from London, Lausanne, Milan and Verona between April 1 and April 6)

  • 2019-04-13 - filming the Patti Smith scenes at The Public Theater in New York, NY, USA
  • 2019-04-16 - filming with Bobby McFerrin at Saint Francis de Sales School in Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 2019-04-18 (or shortly before) - filming with Steve Reich in New York, NY, USA
  • 2019-04-19 - (probably) filming with Talib Kweli in New York, NY, USA
  • 2019-04-20 - (probably) filming scenes with Yoon Kwon and Sting in New York, NY, USA
  • 2019-04-21 - Stewart is seen in Brooklyn - New York, NY, USA
  • 2019-04-25 - filming with Steven Pinker at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA
  • 2019-04-27 - filming with a marching band at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN, USA
  • 2019-04-28 - filming at Hunters Chapel in Como, MS, USA
  • 2019-04-29 - filming in Nashville, TN, USA (maybe this was the day with Cece Winans)

  • 2019-05-01 (or shortly before) - (probably) filming at the Sacred Grove in Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 2019-05-03 (or shortly before) - (probably) filming with Francis Ford Coppola at Napa County, CA, USA

  • 2019-06-04 - filming at Wells Cathedral in Wells, England, UK (with possibly further filming at Stonehenge)
  • 2019-06-05 - filming with Katy Hamilton in London, England, UK
  • 2019-06-11 (or shortly before) - filming with Honey Dijon in Berlin, Germany
  • 2019-06-12 - Stewart is in Blaubeuren, Germany
  • 2019-06-13 - filming in the cavern in Schelklingen, Germany and in the museum in Blaubeuren, Germany
  • 2019-06-14 (or shortly before) - filming in Marrakesh, Morocco
  • 2019-06-19 - filming at WWT Arundel Wetland Centre in Arundel, England, UK.
  • 2019-06-21 (or shortly before) - filming with Ibeyi in Paris, France

missing dates

  • scenes with Danny Elfman
  • scenes with Trevor Horn
  • scenes with Caroline Shaw
  • scenes with Matthew Herbert
  • Hillsong church in NY
  • Laraaji in NY

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