Skyline Tonfabrik

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Skyline Tonfabrik
the mastering room - Stewart is standing in the background
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany - Kronprinzenstr. 97
Years in operation: YYYY - YYYY

Stewart Copeland and Jeff Seitz recorded music for Ben Hur Live here between 2009-07-14 and 2009-08-06.


  • Skyline Tonfabrik is normally used as a mastering studio
  • German's best rock acts had albums mastered at Skyline Tonfabrik: Die Toten Hosen, Silbermond, Madsen, BAP, Beatsteaks...
  • Stewart Copeland worked here on the score for Ben Hur Live he had begun at his Santa Monica studio. He recorded percussion in the upper floor and used two rooms on the main floor to finish the keyboard / PC version of the score with Jeff Seitz assisting. A TAMA drum set in the main mastering room gave him the possibility to rehearse for the La Jolla concert on 2009-08-21.

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