Sex Drugs And HIV

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Sex Drugs And HIV
Sex Drugs And HIV cover.jpg
Studio album by Mat Sargent
Released: 2012-01-02
Recorded: 1996 - 2011
Length: LENGTH
Label(s): Nova / Universal
Producer(s): Mat Sargent, Dave Goodman, Dick Crippen
Studio(s): Panther Studios, Mandala Studios, Abbey Road Studios


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Track listing

Album 1

  • Sex, Drugs And HIV
  • Who's Laughing Now
  • No Fun Here
  • This Modern World
  • Road to Morocco
  • Hashish
  • Tortured Genius
  • Spinning in Circles
  • Nightmares
  • Subway 6
  • Hours & Expenses
  • Living with Death all Around Me
  • Gone So Long
  • Heroin
  • Sly the Fox
  • Be Gentle
  • Getting Better
  • Rich Girl
  • God Help Me
  • Arcadian

Album 2

  • Easy Target
  • XTC
  • Blow Up Muscles
  • Live a Lie
  • Secrets
  • Cigarette in the Ashtray - with Jayne County
  • Kids of Today
  • Pain / Mercy
  • She Don't Care
  • Pills (To Keep Me Alive) - with Henry Padovani
  • Too Far From Me Tonight
  • You Take Me Higher - with Sonja Kristina
  • Get a Grip
  • I Don't Need a Helping Hand
  • Why - with Sonja Kristina
  • Private Agenda
  • Only Myself to Blame
  • 667 The Neighbour of the Beast
  • Greek Street
  • Babylon

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Quotations and trivia

It took 15 years to record 40 songs with over 200 musicians for 4 charities: Terrence Higgins Trust, Rape Crisis, Release, Cancer Research.

Jayne County sang 'Cigarette In The Ashray' at the original HIV recording sessions in November 1996 at Mandala Studios, Gypsy Hill, London. Various musicians on the project like Everett Morton (The Beat) & Jennie Mathias (The Belle Stars) had supported The Police. Nic Austin from punk band Chelsea had played a gig with Sting at the Greyhound, where Sting stood in as bass player.

Henry Padovani played on a song called 'Pills (To Keep Me Alive)' at Panther Studios (Reigate, Surrey) on 2008-03-05. It was the day after his first UK show in 25 years with The Flying Padovanis at the Borderline in London. Also at the session was The Rev, guitarist with Towers Of London.

Sonja Kristina sang on 'You Take Me Higher' recorded on 15th January 2010, also at this session was Simply Red bassist Shaun Ward who played on the same track as Sonja. Also at the session was Drew McConnell from Babyshambles.

Sonja also came the final HIV recording session on 16th May 2011 when she sang the intro for 'You Take Me Higher' and backing vocals for a song 'Why' which was sang by Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69. Marvin Ayres (violin/cello) also attended the session who plays with Sonja in her band 'Mask'. Marvin played strings on Sonja's track 'You Take Me Higher', 'Get A Grip' (sung by Adam Ant) and 'Too Far From Me Tonight' (sung by Angie Bowie). Also at this session was Jimmy Pursey, Steve Dior (guitarist with London Cowboys) and Noel Hendrick (banjo player for Splodgenessabounds).

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source: Mat Sargent