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Sean Lyons
Basic information
Birth name: SEAN LYONS
Birth date: 28TH DEC 1955
Origin: UK
Occupation(s): Musician, Composer
Associated acts: Metro, Public Zone, Raise The Dragon, Intimate Strangers, Stewart Copeland,The Senators, Well Red,Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, The Soft Boys, The Gliders
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Sean Lyons and Stewart Copeland collaborated on several songs and records over the years.


August 1977: after making records under the band name Metro, which spawned the song " Criminal World " later covered by David Bowie on his "Let's Dance" album, Sean Lyons and Peter Godwin formed a band called Public Zone together with bassist Tony Adams. The band was short of a drummer.

The year before Sean Lyons and Stewart Copeland had lived together in a house in Barnes (South West London) which belonged to Florian Pilkington-Miksa. During this time Sean and Stewart wrote a song together - Heaven (Never Seemed So Far Away) - (this was the song that got Stewart his first publishing deal) which was recorded by Curved Air for their Airborne album.

In August 1977 Sean asked Stewart to play drums on Public Zone's first single.

The band recorded the songs Naive and Innocence at Sarm East Studios in London with Hugh Murphy producing. Stewart Copeland wanted to continue playing with The Police, so the official band photos already featured Florian Pilkington-Miksa. The single was no success and the band split soon after.

Sean Lyons continued working with Metro and later released records as Raise The Dragon (1984), Intimate Strangers (1986) and The Gliders'(1999)'.

He also worked with Stewart Copeland on an arrangement of ' Walk On By ' for Sonja Kristina which Sean Lyons produced with William Orbit.

He has played guitar for artists like George Clinton, Robyn Hitchcock, Brian Kennedy and Patricia Kaas as well as writing music for TV and film soundtracks.

He worked with Stewart Copeland on soundtracks such as Rumble Fish: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Highlander II: The Quickening.

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