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Rod Lynton
Basic information
Birth name: Rod Brosse
Birth date: YYYY
Origin: Jersey City, NJ, USA
Occupation(s): OCCUPATION(S)
Associated acts: The Extraverts, Sweet Feeling, Rupert's People, Stonefeather, Stewart Copeland, John Lennon
Official website: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Rod Lynton is one of the founding members of Rupert's People, a band who had Miles Copeland in an early band manager position. He also recorded with Stewart Copeland and was present at a lot of early The Police rehearsals and concerts.


After having been in the Extraverts and Sweet Feeling, Rod Lynton was a member of Rupert's People. After releasing three singles the band was playing in Beirut, Lebanon in 1968, where they got to know Miles Copeland who helped them with logistics. Miles became their manager, and he followed them to London after finishing college. Rupert's People rehearsed at the Copeland's family residence at St. John's Wood. They convinced Miles to manage more bands - the first musicians they observed would eventually become Wishbone Ash. Rod Lynton met Stewart quite a lot during these years when he was still at Millfield School.

When it became clear that the psychedelic era was over, Rupert's People decided to change their name into Stonefeather. Miles Copeland sacked their drummer Steve Brendell - that's why Rod Lynton left the band, too. Stewart took over the drumseat for a tour in France in the summer of 1970.

Rod Lynton and the Copelands kept in touch and Rod later worked for Miles as an agent at the Sherry/Copeland agency. Besides being a musician he would prove his versatility as a PR manager and as a press liaison for Atlantic Records.

Rod Lynton recorded with Stewart Copeland at De Lane Lea Studios on 1977-02-10. He was also present during early rehearsals, among those the 2nd rehearsal with the Cherry Vanilla band.

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