Police Confidential

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Police Confidential
US cover
UK promotional poster
Author: Danny Quatrochi

The Police

Country: USA
Language: English
Publisher: Beech Tree Books (USA)

Queen Anne Press (UK)

Publication date: 1986

1987-02-19 (UK)

ISBN: 0-688-06527-9

0-688-06144-3 (paperback)


Police Confidential is a photobook by Danny Quatrochi. Danny is Sting's technician who took to taking pictures of the band he accompanied. The book is about chronological and also features photos of Sting while acting in the film Dune. Introduction is by Sting and captions beneath the photos are "handwritten" by Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. With the book comes an A3 poster.

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This book was published as a hardcover and paperback edition.

The UK cover from 1987 looked slightly different: PoliceConfidential UK.jpg

There also is a Japanese edition, obviously with a lot of Japanese in it: PoliceConfidential Japan.jpg

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  • Quatrochi, Danny. Police Confidential. xxx: Beech Tree Books, 1986.
  • UK release date from Daily Mirror - January 13, 1987