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Stewart Copeland filmed this spoof with his Super-8 camera while on tour in late 1979.

"Nat Hunt"
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Directed by: Stewart Copeland
Produced by: Stewart Copeland
Edited by: Stewart Copeland
Filming location(s): New York, NY, USA

Rensselaer, NY, USA - Hullabaloo

Initial release date: YYYY-MM-DD
Running time: 10 minutes

Video summary

In this ten minute epic Nat Hunt is pursued by evil scientist Dr. Ahmed Fezzani. The bad guy is in possession of a device called "boner homer" with which he transjects his victims around the planet. Trying to get a Nat Hunt specimen he occasionally transjects others as well...


The movie was shot by Stewart Copeland on his Super-8 camera while The Police were touring the USA with Fàshiön (and later Wazmo Nariz). Sting had become a big star with Quadrophenia and he was being kind of big headed about it, so Stewart announced he was making a film with his Super-8 camera but that Sting couldn't be in it.

Andy Summers played Nat Hunt, while Fashion's Luke James played the evil scientist. Fàshiön's manager Annette was the heroine kidnapped by Dr. Ahmed Fezzani, while Fàshiön's Mulligan and Dik played his henchmen – kung fu ex-patriot Russian ballet dancers.

Several scenes were filmed on the streets of New York, one where Andy came charging around a corner and ran straight into the much taller Luke James as if he was a brick wall (a photo of Andy and him shaking hands backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon as the shortest and tallest guitar players in rock had just been published in the music press).

Another scene was filmed at the Hullabaloo in Rensselaer, NY, USA - where the owner kept a chained leopard in the dressing room. Stewart filmed several scenes with Luke James wearing a leopard skin stage shirt with the real leopard in the background - in this scene Dr. Ahmed Fezzani was on the phone demanding the boner homer as ransom for the kidnapped heroine.

A victim of a failed effort to transject Nat Hunt was Wazmo Nariz from The Police's support act of the same name.

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source: 1980-07 New Music News, Luke James