Martin OOOC-28

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Martin OOOC-28
Andy and the Martin OOOC-28 on the cover of 2006-07 Acoustic Guitar
Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: Andy Summers
Time gear used: 2006 - YYYY


Andy Summers and Martin's Dick Boak conceived this Andy Summers signatur guitar, which went on sale in 2006.

It was limited to 87 pieces worldwide and cost 4,499 UK pounds. All were signed and numbered by Andy and Chris Martin IV.

It can be seen in 2007-07-07 backstage photos with John Mayer.

The guitar was played live at Circa Zero's 2014-03-26 Grammy Museum performance.

Gear breakdown

  • black / white checkered binding
  • triple-ring soundhole
  • black African ebony pyramid bridge
  • solid tapered-square headstock inlaid with lotus flowers
  • Mudra inlays on African ebony fingerboard
  • Yin / Yang symbol on 17th fret
  • Andy Summers signature inlaid between 19th and 20th frets
  • top made of Italian alpine spruce with scalloped bracing
  • back and sides made of East Indian rosewood
  • neck made of satin-finished mahogany
  • short 24.9-inch scale
  • factory fitted with Fisherman Ellippse Blend electronics

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