Las Vegas Tango

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"Las Vegas Tango"
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Performed by Eberhard Schoener

Recorded by Michael Shrieve feat. Andy Summers

Released: 1989
Recorded: 1988-07-08 - 1988-07-14
Length: 7:47
Album(s): Stiletto
Label(s): Novus
Writer(s): Gil Evans
Producer(s): Michael Shrieve
Studio(s): The Site
Released as single: NO

"Las Vegas Tango" is a song written by Gil Evans, performed by Eberhard Schoener in 1979 and recorded by Michael Shrieve with Andy Summers in 1988.

About the song

Las Vegas Tango was a song performed during the 1979 Laser '79 In Concert Tour. This was probably the number composed by Gil Evans.

Andy Summers would eventually record the song with Michael Shrieve for the 1989 LP release Stiletto.


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Release History


"Las Vegas Tango" appears on the following album releases (please see links for further details on each title):

Cover art Album title Catalog no. Release country Format Release date
Stub.gif Stiletto 3050-1-N USA LP 1989-MM-DD

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