Il Palagio

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Il Palagio
flyer for the Il Palagio shop - with English and Italian details on its back
Location: Figline Valdarno, Italy
Years in operation: YYYY - YYYY

Il Palagio is Sting's home near Florence, Italy. He has also recorded albums there (using the mobile Steerpike Studio), played concerts and rehearsed with The Police for their reunion tour in 2007.


The contract for this estate was signed on 1997-06-22.

Recording history

The following Police and related albums or songs were recorded at this studio:

Album (or song) title Artist or band Producer Release year
'Round Midnight Andy Summers feat. Sting PRODUCER 1999
Brand New Day Sting Sting & Kipper 1999
Songs From The Labyrinth Sting Sting / Edin Karamazov 2006
Welcome To The Voice (cast recording) Sting Muriel Teodori, Pierre Mollard, Steve Nieve 2007
The Bridge Sting Sting and Martin Kierszenbaum 2021

Performance timeline

The following Police, Sting, Andy Summers or Stewart Copeland-related concerts took place at this venue:

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