Do Stand So Close

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Do Stand So Close
Do Stand So Close book cover
Author: Jeffrey Lee Campbell
Country: USA
Language: English
Publisher: Deeds Publishing
Publication date: 2018-04-02
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-947309-33-3


On 315 pages Jeffrey Lee Campbell tells the story about his time as guitarist for Sting's 1987-1988 Nothing Like The Sun Tour.

A very interesting read, because you get a good idea of what it feels like to work for Sting. You get paid rather well, play for hundred thousands of people, fly in private planes, stay in fancy hotels, get to know rock stars ... yet you're always close to being sacked.

This one year with Sting wore Jeffrey Lee Campbell out, too much drinking and flying, but enough stories for a lifetime... It's good that he wrote stuff down and kept his itineraries!

It's hard to imagine that Sting leads this life for 40+ years now, with the additional obligation to promote his records with interviews, press conferences and additional activities.

The book features 19 pages with black and white photos mostly from the tour, four of them with Sting.

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