Didi Zill

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Didi Zill
Basic information
Birth name: Dieter Zill
Birth date: BIRTH DATE
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Occupation(s): Photographer, Musician
Associated acts: The Police, Depeche Mode, Deep Purple, Kiss
Official website: https://www.didi-zill.com/

Didi Zill photographed The Police several times for German and international publications. The most widely published photos came from visits to their individual homes in 1980. He was also one of the few photographers who went to Montserrat to take photos of the band while they recorded Ghost In The Machine.


As a former musician Didi Zill became a photographer for German teen magazine BRAVO in 1969, where he worked until the late '80s. Since then he did several photo exhibitions and released photo books for bands like Kiss, Deep Purple, Boney M., Creedence Clearwater Revival and - thank you! - also one about The Police.

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