Château de Courson

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Château de Courson
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PHOTOGRAPH. Either a photo of the venue, or a photo of a Police or Police-related event which took place at the venue.
Location: Paris, France


Sting rehearsed at Château de Courson in May 1985 before the Paris concerts. Rehearsal scenes can be seen in Bring On The Night (long video).

Performance timeline

The following Police, Sting, Andy Summers or Stewart Copeland-related concerts/events took place at this venue:

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An article in Rolling Stone (September 26, 1985) mentions that the film crew accompanied Sting and his band for 10 days - with 1985-05-24 being the last day of filming.

This would mean that filming the rehearsals started on 1985-05-15.

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source: Rolling Stone (September 26, 1985), internet