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In September / October Sting is busy in New York recording songs for The Last Ship at MSR Studios with Dominic Miller, Peter Tickell and others. P.T. is in NY on September 25 and 30 (twitter posts) On October 16 Dominic posts a pic of P.T. and Misty Miller at MSR - Misty was in NY from October 10 to ca. October 14, already back in London on October 15 (twitter)

  • instragram photos from Fernanda Takai suggest that she was in Venice with Andy from 2012-02-22 until about 2012-03-01
  • instragram photo from Fernanda Takai suggests that Andy was in a studio with Gilberto Gil and Arthur Maia on 2012-06-20

--> concert on 2012-08-23 in Beijing !!

  • other Andy photos: VEILED BUDDHA, Phnom Penh Cambodia August 2012, Bathing, Amapor, Myanmar 2012 By Andy Summers
  • instagram photos from Fernanda Takai suggest that she was rehearsing with Andy in Rio on 2012-09-28

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