Catbox Beach

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"Catbox Beach"
CD cover
Recorded by Rusty Anderson
Released: 2003-12-17
Length: 4:28
Album(s): Undressing Underwater
Label(s): Oxide Records
Writer(s): Rusty Anderson
Producer(s): Rusty Anderson
Studio(s): Henson Recording Studios, Oxide Studio
Released as single: YES, B-SIDE, or NO

"Catbox Beach" is a song written by Rusty Anderson and recorded by Rusty Anderson in 2003.

About the song

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  • Rusty Anderson
  • Stewart Copeland - drums
  • Brian Ray - bass
  • Nicky P - reggae guitar

Release History


"Catbox Beach" appears on the following album releases (please see links for further details on each title):

Cover art Album title Catalog no. Release country Format Release date
Undressing Underwater cover.jpg Undressing Underwater OXI 001 Release country CD 2003-12-17


This song is an instrumental.
Almost - there are some "ooh aah" backing vocals...

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