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2013 04 06 Sting Tabernacle Andrew Waters.jpg
a photo from this private concert - copyright Andrew Waters
Performance summary
Artist performing: Sting
Tour: 2011-2013 Back To Bass Tour
Venue: The Tabernacle
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Support acts: none
Ticket prices: private concert

On 2013-04-06, Sting performed at the The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, USA.


the setlist of this 80 minute set was similar, but a bit longer than 2013-04-07 and included:

I Hung My Head was not played.

Recording information

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This private show from Turner Broadcasting was called Madness After Dark - it was a part of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament.

There were about 350-500 guests attending.

The concert started after midnight - but for practical reasons it gets its own date... not to be confused with the official 2013-04-07 concert.

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source: youtube clips, flickr, Andrew Waters