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2002 10 19 photo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Rig Kirtley
Performance summary
Artist performing: Andy Summers
Tour: 2005 Andy Summers Trio Tour
Venue: Dormy Hotel
Location: Ferndown, England, UK
Support acts: ---
Ticket prices: ---

On 2002-10-19, Andy Summers performed at the Dormy Hotel in Ferndown, England, UK. The occasion was a 60th birthday party for his friend Colin Saunders.


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The lineup is (l-r) Zoot Money, Paul McCallum, Chris Ferguson, Al Kirtley and Andy Summers. The owner of the (left-handed) guitar Andy is playing, Ed Roberts, is sitting behind the speaker.

When Zoot Money and Al Kirtley left their band The Stormers around 1960 the band had no singer and no lead guitarist. Andy Summers tried to replace them and fill both vacancies for one concert only - and then concentrated on playing guitar.

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