2001 Andy Summers Trio Tour musical gear

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Andy Summers' gear for 2001 Trio performances
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Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: Andy Summers
Time gear used: 2001


This is the equipment Andy Summers used for live performances during the 2001 Andy Summers Trio Tour.

Gear breakdown

  • 1960 Gibson ES-335
  • pedal board with a Marshall Shred-Master, Centaur, Voodoo-Labs-Analog-Chorus & Ernie-Ball volume pedal
  • Mesa Boogie-Triaxis preamp
  • Custom audio mixer
  • Lexicon PCM-70
  • TC 1210 Chorus
  • Boogie 2/90 power amp
  • Boogie boxes were normally used

On 2001-10-26 however Andy used a stereo splitted Marchall 4x12" box.

  • the PCM-70 was used with an Expression pedal and a MIDI foot controller

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source: Gitarre & Bass - January 2002