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Sting & Trudie celebrate marriage at Lake House
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Date: 1992-08-22
Location: Great Durnford, England, UK - St. Andrew's church / Lake House
Attendees: Sting, Trudie Styler, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, Kim Turner, Dominic Miller, David Sancious, Manu Katche, Sophie Duez, Charlotte Rampling, Bob Geldof, Gianni Versace, Peter Gabriel, ...

Two days after their official "I do" Sting, Trudie Styler and 245 guests met near the 900-year-old Norman St. Andrew's church in Great Durnford for a marriage blessing. As Sting had already been married and divorced he couldn't remarry inside the church.

Afterwards a party was held in a tent on their Lake House grounds. At the end of the dinner Sting sang Someone To Watch Over Me to Trudie.

The Troggs were hired to play music on that day. Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers eventually teamed up with Sting again (using the Troggs' gear) to play Roxanne and Message In A Bottle.

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sources: People - September 7, 1992; Sting: The Secret Life Of Gordon Sumner pp. 269 ff; Sting Universe no. 11

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