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Sting shoots "Englishman" video in New York
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Date: 1988-01-14
Location: New York, NY, USA
Attendees: Sting, Quentin Crisp

Sting and Quentin Crisp shoot the Englishman In New York video in New York, NY, USA.

Rolling Stone from February 25 mentions that this video shoot took place the day before the One World video shoot.

Weather charts confirm that it was snowing in New York during this period.

Jeffrey Lee Campbell remembers that the band footage was shot in a vacant building in Greenwich Village on another day than the Sting footage. Some musicians were missing: Delmar Brown didn't get the management's notice about the changed shooting schedule - drummer JP was still on holiday in France. Sting appeared later at the band's shooting day and left the room when video of the band was shot. He invited the musicians to his Soho loft afterwards.

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source: Rolling Stone - February 25, 1988

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