1986 Conspiracy Of Hope Tour

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Between 1986-06-04 and 1986-06-15, Amnesty International held a series of benefit concerts titled collectively as the Conspiracy of Hope Tour. Although Sting was scheduled to headline as a solo artist alongside U2 for the concerts, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland joined him to perform as The Police for the last three performances.

The final performance on 1986-06-15 would be the last time The Police would perform together in public until their induction into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on 2003-03-10.


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Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location Artist
1986-06-04 Cow Palace San Francisco, CA, United States Sting
1986-06-06 The Forum Los Angeles, CA, United States Sting
1986-06-08 McNichols Arena Denver, CO, United States Sting
1986-06-11 The Omni Atlanta, GA, United States The Police
1986-06-13 Rosemont Horizon Rosemont, IL, United States The Police
1986-06-15 Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ, United States The Police

Quotations and trivia

  • The 1986-06-15 performance was broadcast live on MTV.

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Tour passes

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Tour book / program

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