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Sting travels to Paris
Photo or image related to event
Date: 1985-05-14
Location: Paris, France
Attendees: Sting

The Outlandos mini-bulletin from April 1985 mentions that today Sting would travel to Paris, France. This should have taken place after he shot a video with Godley & Creme in England.

The photo dates for Paris (1985-05-08 and 1985-05-11) might be mis-information. Or Sting travelled back and forth...

An article in Rolling Stone (September 26, 1985) mentions that the film crew accompanied Sting and his band for 10 days - with 1985-05-24 being the last day of filming.

This would mean that filming the rehearsals started on 1985-05-15.

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source: Outlandos mini-bulletin April 1985

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