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The Police: various activities in Los Angeles
concert ticket
concert ticket
Date: 1983-09-07
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Attendees: The Police

In the early morning Sting played tennis at the Chateau Marmont Hotel. At 9 am artist Willa Shalit makes two masks of Sting's face - Sting keeps the one which looks more like a death mask. Stewart Copeland finishes Rumble Fish. The Police mix the Montreal gig.

Today Carly Simon's LP Hello Big Man was released in the UK. The album features Andy Summers on guitar on the cool track You Know What To Do.

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Originally a concert in Phoenix should have taken place today. This was re-scheduled to 1983-09-08, itself replacing another planned concert in Las Vegas.

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source: Lifecast by Willa Shalit incl. photos; OOR - October 8, 1983; NME - October 1, 1983

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