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1982 08 15 Andy 1 Jol Dantzig.jpg 1982 08 15 Andy 2 Jol Dantzig.jpg
photos from today with the new Hamer harp guitar - copyright Jol Dantzig
1982 08 15 ticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1981-1982 Ghost In The Machine Tour
Venue: Castle Farms Music Theatre
Location: Charlevoix, MI, USA
Support acts: The English Beat, Theatre
Ticket prices: US$ 13,50 - 15,00

On 1982-08-15, The Police performed at Castle Farms Music Theatre in Charlevoix, MI, USA.

Recording information

There is an audio recording of this concert. Kim Turner made a soundboard recording which also features the final song So Lonely. 1982 08 15 Kim Turner cassette.jpg



On this day Jol Dantzig (of Hamer guitars) brought Andy Summers a harp guitar. This was a twenty string guitar with two sets of seven strings for the harps and the regular six strings for the guitar. It was a large body that had a carved spruce top.

13.880 people filled the 15.000 capacity venue - US$ 187.761 were earned.

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sources: Outlandos newsletter September 1982; ticket; Andy photo; eyewitness; Billboard - September 4, 1982

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