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The Police fly from Caracas to New York
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Date: 1981-07-31
Location: Caracas, Venezuela -> New York, NY, USA
Attendees: The Police

The Police probably flew from Caracas to New York, flying to Montreal the next day.

Today Sting meets Brimstone & Treacle director Richard Loncraine who had flown in from London.

In Time Out magazine from September 10, 1982 Richard Loncraine mentions that he was lying in his hotel room in New York around 1:30am when Sting called him from the hotel lobby (having flown in from Rio (?) and due to visa problems leaving for Montreal the next day). They walked the streets of New York, eating hamburgers and drinking coffee, chatting all night.

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source: this is just a conclusion - there were two concerts in Caracas on 1981-07-29 and 1981-07-30; Police File No. 16 mentions that the band flew to Montreal on 1981-08-01; in a report in "Daily News" (November 14, 1982) Sting mentions that he was in New York for one night only between recording in Montserrat and a flight to Canada ...; Time Out - September 10, 1982

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