1980-05 New Vinyl Times

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New Vinyl Times
1980 01 NewVinylTimes.jpg
Article title: Cover Story: The Police
Artist or band featured: The Police
Year: 1980
Month: May (probably)
Country (or countries) of publication: USA
Language(s): English
Author/interviewer: ---
Length of feature: 1 page + cover + small bits

Around May 1980, The Police were featured in New Vinyl Times.


This is a strange magazine with record reviews combined with the use of a special jukebox at a local record store. There's a general one page article about the band inside.

There's no publication date as such. But this is Vol. 1, No. 1. As it's a bi-weekly magazine and Vol. 1, No. 13 was published around the end of October 1980 then No. 1 should have been out in May.

Quotes and noteworthy content

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