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1979 06 22 sting photo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Gijsbert Hanekroot
1979 06 22 poster.jpg
a poster for this concert
1979 06 22 ad.jpg
an ad for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: Paradiso
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Support acts: New Adventures
Ticket prices: 7,50 Dutch Guldens

On 1979-06-22, The Police performed at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Recording information

This was broadcast on Dutch radio, so there's a recording out there - see "External links" section.


Earlier today The Police flew from Hamburg to Amsterdam and landed at Schiphol airport at 12:50pm, where they did a quick photo session for Hitkrant magazine.

This concert was originally scheduled to take place on 1979-06-23. It was rescheduled because The Police also played the Loreley festival.

The Police played here before on 1977-03-25 with Wayne County & The Electric Chairs.

Early German tour schedules list a concert in Wiesbaden at the Wartburg for this day, although in Stewart's diary the Wiesbaden gig is noted on 1979-06-21... This was rescheduled to 1979-09-04.

See also

Great photos taken by Erik Verzijl:

1979 06 22 The Police Erik Verzijl.jpg 1979 06 22 Andy Erik Verzijl.jpg 1979 06 22 Sting Erik Verzijl.jpg 1979 06 22 Stewart Erik Verzijl.jpg

External links


sources: Dutch ads; poster; Stewart Copeland's diary; Hitkrant - June 28, 1979

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