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1979 03 05 poster recordmecca.jpg
a poster for this concert - provided by Recordmecca.com
1979 03 05 RRR flyer James Chen.jpg
a flyer for the "Rather Ripped Records" appearance - provided by James Chen
1979 03 01 press release 1.jpg
A&M press information sheet - page 1
1979 03 01 press release 2.jpg
A&M press information sheet - page 2
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: UCD Coffeehouse
Location: Davis, CA, USA
Support acts: The Readymades
Ticket prices: US$ 3,00 - 4,00

On 1979-03-05, The Police performed twice at UCD Coffeehouse at the University of California at Davis in Davis, CA, USA.


(in the intermission before the encore the studio version of Dead End Job was played)

Recording information

There's a recording of parts of the 2nd set - see "External links" section.


At noon The Police signed records at "Rather Ripped Records" on the corner of Hearst & Euclid in Berkeley, CA, USA.

A picture in The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles on the March 1979 pages reveals that The Police were scheduled to play two sets with support act The Readymades (8pm and 10:30pm).

See also

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External links


source: poster, flyer, Stewart Copeland's diary, The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles; flyer & photos for Rather Ripped Records (Ed Perlstein provided the date)

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