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1979 03 01 stingdavidarnoff.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright David Arnoff
1979 03 01 andydavidarnoff.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright David Arnoff
1979 03 01 stewartdavidarnoff.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright David Arnoff
1980 01 NewVinylTimes.jpg
a photo from this concert on the cover of the New Vinyl Times
1979 03 01 02 03 LATimesad Feb25.jpg
an ad for this concert - Los Angeles Times - February 25, 1979
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: Whisky a Go Go
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Support acts: The Kats
Ticket prices: US$ 5,00

On 1979-03-01, The Police performed at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


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This was the first of three sold out nights.

The Police played two shows, both with support from The Kats.

When The Kats arrived The Police were already at the Whisky. The Kats' roadies moved Stewart Copeland's drums out of the way for their own soundcheck (this was the custom at the Whisky). During the first show of the Kats Sting stood on the dance floor right in front of singer Freddy Moore and danced for himself for the whole set. After their show (and after every other of those 6 Whisky sets, too!) Sting came to the Kats' dressing room. He told Freddy how much he loved the Kats' performance and kissed him on the cheek every time.

In return Freddy used to stand right before Sting for each of The Police's six Whisky sets.

After The Police's first set Stewart told the Kats' roadie NOT to move his drums again. Freddy talked to Stewart Copeland about this and told him that this was the custom at the Whisky. But Stewart explained that in the UK the support bands were treated like shit and the main act's set stays in place. So the Kats had to find some room on the tiny stage for their next sets.

The Police played to a lot of people from the music industry.

In Slash magazine from May 1979 Stewart Copeland mentions that "the first night was entirely record company and the second show was an R&R convention" - but it looks like the Whisky sold normal tickets, too.

They also filmed a promotional video for Roxanne while being in Los Angeles (the red room video).

An early A&M press kit shows that The Police originally intended to a play a concert at the UCLA Student Union on this day.

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sources: ticket; ad; poster; photos; Stewart Copeland's diary; Melody Maker March 17, 1979; Slash May 1979; One Train Later; LA Herald Examiner / Daily Variety confirm the Kats for all gigs...

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