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1978 11 25 photo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright David Warner Ellis Photography
1978 11 25 ticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert
1978 11 25 ad.jpg
an ad for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: The Electric Ballroom
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: Pressure Shocks, Gardez Darkx
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 1,50

On 1978-11-25, The Police performed at The Electric Ballroom in London, England, UK.


Among the songs played were:

  • Roxanne (with backing vocals by Karen O'Connor plus pal)

Recording information

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The concert was reviewed in Record Mirror - January 6, 1979. Sting took off his jumpsuit during the final encore and finished the set in socks and underpants. Peter Baylis and David Warner Ellis took photos at this gig.

Stewart's t-shirt was from the TV show he did on 1978-09-16.

See also

On the September 1977 page (left) of The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles there's a photo from today's concert.

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sources: UK ads; review in Record Mirror - January 6, 1979; photos

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