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Stewart is photographed for Can't Stand Losing You cover
the 7" cover with a photo from today's session
Date: 1978-08-04
Location: London, England, UK - 36 Causton Street, Victoria
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Peter Gravelle, Mike Ross

The cover photo for Can't Stand Losing You was taken today.

Stewart Copeland and A&M art director Mike Ross went to photographer Peter Gravelle's photo studio at 36 Causton Street behind Tate Britain. Stewart Copeland was the only Police member at that photo shoot.

There was no trickery involved. The photo was done for real and the whole photo shoot only lasted about 10 minutes as the ice was melting. Mike Ross pulled the cable around Stewart's neck. The empty light fitting can be seen on Stewart's left shoulder. In his right hand Stewart is holding a Janette Beckmann group photo from 1978-07-20. Sadly there are no more outtakes from that photo shoot.

The back of the cover shows the Janette Beckmann group photo in what's left of the ice cube. The signatures were faked by Mike Ross.

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sources: Peter Gravelle, Mike Ross, Stewart Copeland

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