1974 Curved Air Reunion Tour

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Between 1974-11-08 and 1974-12-07 Stewart Copeland worked as tour manager during the Curved Air reunion tour.


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Touring musicians and bandmembers

Road crew and technicians

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Production crew

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Support act(s)

  • The Watt-Roy Turner Band

(with Garth Watt-roy and former Cat Iron men Glen Turner and Kim Turner)


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Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location
1974-11-08 Maidstone College of Art Maidstone, England, UK
1974-11-09 Loughborough University Loughborough, England, UK
1974-11-10 Goldsmiths College London, England, UK
1974-11-12 Top Of The World Stafford, England, UK
1974-11-15 Aston University Birmingham, England, UK
1974-11-20 Surrey University Guildford, England, UK
1974-11-21 Polytechnic of Central London London, England, UK
1974-11-22 Mayfair Newcastle, England, UK
1974-11-23 Bradford University Bradford, England, UK
1974-11-24 Liverpool Stadium Liverpool, England, UK
1974-11-27 Manchester University Manchester, England, UK
1974-11-29 Queen Mary's College London, England, UK
1974-11-30 Pier Pavilion Hastings, England, UK
1974-12-03 Locarno Portsmouth, England, UK
1974-12-04 Cardiff University Cardiff, Wales, UK
1974-12-05 Bristol Polytechnic Bristol, England, UK
1974-12-06 Polytechnic Union Coventry, England, UK
1974-12-07 Leascliffe Town Hall Folkestone, England, UK

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source: NME - November 2, 1974