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Andy flies to Hawaii
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Date: 1968-11-17
Location: Tokyo, Japan -> Hawaii, USA
Attendees: Eric Burdon And The Animals

Early in the morning Eric Burdon And The Animals fly from Japan to Hawaii, USA.

Andy had spent the night in the hotel room of a girl from Los Angeles, having met her at yesterday's venue. He returned to the band's hotel early only to find the rest of the band and his own stuff were all gone. In the lobby he met roadie Mick Watts who told him to come to the airport quickly. On their way there Andy is informed that their local promoters were part of the Yakuza who had captured the band's manager David the night before to squeeze $250.000 out of him. Apparently they lost money because the band's original tour had been cancelled and re-booked too many times. So they forced the band to leave Japan today.

While their gear was en route to Hiroshima David had arranged that the band would stay in Honolulu on Hawaii for a few days...

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sources: Osamu Mohri / Music Life - January 1969, One Train Later pp. 134

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