Zoot Money's Big Roll Band

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Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
US single photo provided by Kevin Patrick
Background information
Origin: Bournemouth, England, UK
Years active: 1961 - 1967
Label(s): Columbia
Associated acts: Dantalian's Chariot
Andy Summers
Zoot Money
Nick Newall
Colin Allen
Paul Williams
Clive Burrows
Johnny Almond
Geoff Condon
Former members

Band history

Zoot Money formed this band in late 1961 in Bournemouth, England, UK - with a different line-up. Around January 1964 - after a few weeks of playing with Alexis Korner - Zoot established the new line-up in London. This was Colin Allen on drums, Andy Summers on guitar, Nick Newall on tenor sax, Tony Bell on bass and Zoot Money.

After two months in London Paul Williams replaced Tony Bell on bass. Four months later Clive Burrows joined.

Clive Burrows joined around June 1964. He left around November 1965 and was replaced by Johnny Almond. Geoff Condon joined around the same time.

Around July / August 1967 the band morphs into Dantalian's Chariot - without a horn section. Pat Donaldson replaces Paul Williams on bass.

Band members

  • Zoot Money - vocals, keyboards
  • Andy Summers - guitar
  • Nick Newall - tenor sax
  • Colin Allen - drums
  • Tony Bell - bass
  • Paul Williams - bass
  • Clive Burrows - baritone sax
  • Johnny Almond - baritone sax (?)
  • Geoff Condon - trumpet


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sources: books; magazines; internet --- possible concert additions: http://www.45worlds.com/live/artist/zoot-moneys-big-roll-band; Newcastle Evening Chronicle - November 6, 1965 mentions the line-up during the move to London and the two earliest band member changes