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Our notability policy is very simple: if material is about or related to the Police in some fashion, then it can be included. If the material fits in one of the categories listed on Category:Main, then it is welcome for inclusion on the site even if it does not currently have an article or stub listed under Category:Stubs.

The goal of PoliceWiki is to provide an encyclopedic source of information related to the Police, be it from other reference materials already available or from users' own personal experiences. Therefore the challenge becomes more one of making sure information is properly categorized and organized instead of determining whether it should be included or not.

That said, there is some material which should not be included, as described below.

Unacceptable content

Articles and information which would should not be included in the wiki is similarly simple, yet important to note. The PoliceWiki does not encourage the inclusion of the following materials within articles or as separate articles:

  • Unsubstantiated gossip, rumors or slander Materials such as The National Enquirer, The Daily Mail, and unauthorized biographies are in general not considered reliable sources. Neither are rumors heard from unnamed sources, or statements that cannot be backed up with proper citations or documentation. Articles which contain unsubstantiated statements of concern should be tagged with the {{Gossip}} article box at the top of the article, and the information in question discussed on the article's discussion page for possible deletion. The box will appear like this:
The statements within the article themselves should also be marked with the appropriate Text tag templates.
  • Excessive material about other bands and artists PoliceWiki includes articles, discography, and materials related to bands which members of the Police, past and present, have been involved with to some considerable extent. If a member of the Police only made a single guest appearance on an album by another artist, or was similarly only passingly involved with one of their projects, that other band does not get a separate article or category. The information on that connection should instead be incorporated as part of another article as appropriate.
As examples:
* Oysterhead gets a separate category, with overview articles and information, as it is a band Stewart Copeland belongs to.
* Arcadia does not get an article or category, as Sting only recorded background vocals on one song for them. That song should, however, be noted in the Sting discography article under the appropriate header.
If you believe an article does not merit inclusion in PoliceWiki as it is not substantially related to the Police for this reason, please tag it with the {{Irrelevant content}} article box, and discuss its potential deletion on the article's discussion page. The box will appear like this:
  • Inappropriate media All media such as images, audio or video samples included in PoliceWiki needs to be properly tagged and disclaimed using the proper Category:Media templates. Media which has not been disclaimed as fair use, public domain, or user's own content shared with permission is subject to deletion as a potential copyright violation. If you find media without the proper summary and disclaimers on that media's information page, please insert the {{Undisclaimed media}} article box on that page and open the media's discussion page to resolve the issue. The box will appear like this: