Burgemeester Damen Sportpark

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Burgemeester Damen Sportpark
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Location: Geleen, The Netherlands


This is the spot where the annual Pinkpop Festival takes place. The festival took place for the first time in 1970.

Among the bands that played the festival in 1979 were Elvis Costello and Dire Straits.

Performance timeline

The following Police, Sting, Andy Summers or Stewart Copeland-related concerts took place at this venue:

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Even though "pop" is the Dutch word for "doll", the name of the festival does not originate from the pink doll in the festival logo. The festival takes place at Whitsun, "Pinksteren" in Dutch, hence the "Pink" in the name.

In 1975 the weather was chilly but dry. In 1979 the weather was sunny and warm,with later on thunder and hail.

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