Julia And Julia

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The movie is a mystery drama by Peter Del Monte - the first one to be shot on high definition video.

Julia And Julia
cover of the soundtrack LP from the USA
back of the soundtrack LP from the USA
Directed by: Peter Del Monte
Produced by: Radiotelevisione Italiana
Written by: Peter Del Monte, Silvia Napolitano,Sandro Petraglia
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Gabriel Byrne, Sting, Gabriele Ferzetti
Music by: Maurice Jarre
Edited by: Michael Chandler
Distributed by: United Artists Classics
Release date(s): 1987-09-03
Running time: 97 minutes
Country: Italy
Language(s): English
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Plot summary

Julia is torn between two different worlds - one where she is a widow and one where she is still married, but also has a lover (Sting).


Primary cast members of the film included:

  • Kathleen Turner (Julia)
  • Gabriel Byrne (Paolo Vinci)
  • Sting (Daniel Osler)


The movie was filmed in Grado and Trieste, Italy. It was the first movie to be shot on high definition video tape. It was then transferred to 35 mm film for its theatrical release.

  • Corbis.com shows photos from Julia And Julia studio photo shoot from August 1986 - which is probably the month that movie was shot
  • The Sun Sentinel from October 3, 1986 mentions that Sting is in Italy wrapping up the movie...
  • People magazine (November 3, 1986) features an interview with Kathleen Turner on phone from Italy - this took place while "Peggy Sue Got Married" premiered in the USA (October 5 / 7). It's mentioned that she already was in Italy for 12 weeks for Julia And Julia.


Julia And Julia premiered at the 1987 Venice film festival and was first released in Italy on 1987-09-03. Other countries presented the movie in 1988.

Video and DVD releases

Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Julia And Julia USA VHS.jpg YYYY-MM-DD USA VHS English none
Julia And Julia UK VHS.jpg YYYY-MM-DD UK VHS English none


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  • The score was composed by Maurice Jarre - the only Sting "contribution" to the soundtrack LP are some photos.

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