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Sting on Dutch radio and TV shows
a photo from the radio interview - copyright Marcel Kolenbrander
a photo from the Grand Gala performance - copyright Marcel Kolenbrander
Date: 1993-09-28
Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands
Attendees: Sting

Sting does a one hour radio interview for the show "Avondspits" in a tiny studio at 6:00pm - in the presence of a few lucky fans (mainly from the Dutch Sting Association) who asked the questions.

Immediately afterwards Sting is a guest on the Dutch TV show "Grand Gala du Disc" - the Edison Awards presentation. He performed Shape Of My Heart.

He was accompanied by Dominic Miller on guitar, Toots Thielemans on harmonica and Ofra Harnoy on cello.

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source: Outlandos newsletter - December 1993, The Dream no. 18, A&M publicity sheet with the US release date for Message In A Box