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Sting is in London while "Ten Summoner's Tales" album is mixed
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Date: 1992-11-20
Location: London, England, UK - The Town House
Attendees: Sting, Hugh Padgham

In 1993-05 Recording Musician Hugh Padgham mentions that Ten Summoner's Tales were mixed over a fortnight at The Town House in London, England, UK. Sting re-recorded a few parts but would then let Hugh work alone on the mixes until he'd listen to them at the end of the day.

Two days of Sting being present are known as he re-recorded bass parts for If I Ever Lose My Faith In You : 1992-11-09 and 1992-11-23. Sting had a few other obligations like award presentations, interviews and charities, but was certainly present for most of the dates in between.

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source: 1993-05 Recording Musician

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