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=Quotes and noteworthy content=
=Quotes and noteworthy content=
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[[Image:1985_06_29_Juke_01.jpg|80px]] [[Image:1985_06_29_Juke_02.jpg|160px]]
=External links=
=External links=

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1985 06 29 Juke cover.jpg
Article title: Off The Beat And Into The Swing
Artist or band featured: Sting
Year: 1985
Month: November
Country (or countries) of publication: Australia
Language(s): English
Author/interviewer: Paul De Noyer
Length of feature: 2 pages + cover + Stewart Copeland report

On June 29 1985, Sting was featured in Juke.


This magazine features a Sting interview by Paul De Noyer from Paris 1985. Stewart Copeland is also featured with a half page report about his The Rhythmatist adventures.

Quotes and noteworthy content

1985 06 29 Juke 01.jpg 1985 06 29 Juke 02.jpg

External links

This section needs more information.


This section needs more information.