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1981 12 18 guestpass.jpg
a guest pass for this concert
1981 12 22 newspaper report.jpg
a report about Sting's cut hand + Brighton gig / Andy's kidneys + Birmingham gig in a newspaper from December 22, 1981
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1981-1982 Ghost in the Machine Tour
Venue: Brighton Centre
Location: Brighton, England, UK
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 5,00

On 1981-12-18, The Police performed at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, England, UK


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


Sting tried to play this concert with an injured hand - but it started to bleed again.

Outlandos newsletters / mini bulletins mention that Sting injured himself while filming his last scene for Brimstone & Treacle on 1981-12-17 - on a Thursday. A newspaper clipping from December 22 specifically mentions that all of this took place on Friday - the day of the concert...

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source: poprocky - February 17, 1982; Rolling Stone - February 18, 1982; Outlandos mini-bulletin January / February 1982

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