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Ongaku Senka
Article title: Into The 80's
Artist or band featured: The Police
Year: 1980
Month: January
Country (or countries) of publication: Japan
Language(s): Japanese
Author/interviewer: none mentioned
Length of feature: general 80's report + 2 page A&M ad + news bits + drawing

In January 1980, The Police were featured in Ongaku Senka.


The magazine features a report about bands that might become important in the 80's - with Sting on the first page. There's a 2 page A&M ad including Reggatta de Blanc and some news bits, but the best thing is the great cover photo.

Quotes and noteworthy content

1980 01 Ongaku Senka 01.jpg 1980 01 Ongaku Senka 02.jpg 1980 01 Ongaku Senka 03.jpg 1980 01 Ongaku Senka 04.jpg 1980 01 Ongaku Senka 05.jpg 1980 01 Ongaku Senka 06.jpg

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