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The Police record Fall Out single at Pathway Studios
7" cover
Date: 1977-02-12
Location: London, England, UK - Pathway Studios
Attendees: The Police, Paul Mulligan

From 01:00pm to 09:00pm The Police record their debut single at Pathway Studios: Fall Out / Nothing Achieving. They started by recording Fall Out "live" with drums, bass and Henry Padovani's rhythm guitar played at the same time. However Stewart Copeland later overdubbed the rhythm guitar parts - but Henry Padovani plays the solo on Fall Out.

Stewart Copeland has borrowed the money for this from Paul Mulligan. Stewart ends the day at Paul Mulligan's place and then at home in front of the TV.

Henry Padovani had arranged to show up at Clerkenwell Police Station at some other time of the day.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles, L'Historia Bandido and every other book, Henry Padovani, Stewart Copeland (overdubs)

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