1975-1976 Kevin Coyne performances

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Between 1975-MM-DD and 1976-05-21 Andy Summers peformed with Kevin Coyne.


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Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location
1976-01-20 Konserttitalo Turku, Finland
1976-01-21 Karhulinna Pori, Finland
1976-01-22 Yliopiston juhlasali Jyväskylä, Finland
1976-01-23 Pohjankartano Oulu, Finland
1976-01-24 Urheilutalo Ylivieska, Finland
1976-01-25 Kaupungintalo Vaasa, Finland
1976-01-26 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki, Finland
1976-01-27 Konserttitalo Lahti, Finland
1976-01-28 Teku Tampere, Finland
1976-01-30 Ukonniemi-halli Imatra, Finland
1976-01-31 Kauppaoppilaitos Kuopio, Finland
1976-02-01 Urheilutalo Joensuu, Finland
1976-04-06 Manchester University Manchester, England, UK
1976-04-07 Little Theatre Middlesbrough, England, UK
1976-04-08 City Hall Glasgow, Scotland, UK
1976-04-09 Newcastle University (University Theatre) Newcastle, England, UK
1976-04-10 Assembly Rooms (Music Hall) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
1976-04-11 New London Theatre London, England, UK
1976-04-13 BBC Broadcasting House London, England, UK
1976-04-18 Nottingham Playhouse Nottingham, England, UK

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