Tyneside Jazz Orchestra

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Tyneside Jazz Orchestra
Newcastle Big Band at the Guildhall - copyright Rik Walton
Background information
Origin: Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
Years active: 1976 - YYYY
Label(s): Rubber
Associated acts: Newcastle Big Band, Phoenix Jazzmen, Earthrise, Last Exit
Website: none
Gerry Richardson
Andy Hudson
Ronnie Pearson
Gordon Sumner

Band history

The Newcastle Big Band split in mid-1976, but after only a few months 13 musicians continued as the Tyneside Jazz Orchestra. They had a trial concert at the Kelso Festival in September 1976 and returned to their former regular venue, the University Theatre on 1975-09-28.

In a 2003 interview Sting and Gerry Richardson confirm that Last Exit were basically the rhythm section for the Tyneside Jazz Orchestra.

Band members

The Newcastle Journal from September 27, 1976 mentions that this band was a reformatin of the Newcastle Big Band, but with only 13 musicians.


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sources: Newcastle Journal - September 27, 1975 (split, new name); Sting / Gerry Richardson 2003 interview